Auxiliary News: Auxiliary Donates $350,000 to the Brownstone Relocation Project

October 14, 2015

The Hartford Hospital Auxiliary has always been a strong supporter of the Brownstone and its service to the local community, and 2015 was no exception. This past year, the Auxiliary donated a total of $350,000 to the Brownstone Relocation project. As the beneficiary of the very successful 26th Annual Hartford Hospital Auxiliary Golf Tournament, the Brownstone initially received $150,000 from the Auxiliary. As a result of additional funding needs for the Brownstone Relocation Project, in October 2015 the Auxiliary voted to approve an additional $200,000 donation, bringing the total funds donated to $350,000. The Auxiliary is proud to support this critical component of community service provided by Hartford Hospital.

Auxiliary Donates $350,000 to the Brownstone Relocation Project

New Brownstone Clinic under construction, Oct. 14, 2015

For approximately 96 years, The Brownstone Building at Hartford Hospital has provided primary, dental, and specialty care, as well as social and human services to the local community, particularly to vulnerable populations that could not receive care elsewhere. Unlike city clinics that have staff dedicated solely to their facility, the Brownstone Clinic is unique in that Hartford Hospital physicians and specialists from all medical fields donate their time to the clinic so our community patients are seen by the very best physicians for primary and specialty care. The clinic also provides a dynamic setting for medical education and clinical experiences as one of the largest teaching hospitals in New England.

The highly utilized Brownstone Clinic has outgrown its current location and a project is underway to relocate the clinic. The new building, at 132-138 Jefferson Street, will be a highly efficient facility, featuring multi-use exam rooms, offices, common areas, and procedure and treatment rooms. The Brownstone Clinic anticipates a 10% increase in patient volume, furthering the commitment to support the underserved population of the community.

Since the Brownstone Clinic is the initial portal of entry for many patients, the new clinic will exemplify Hartford Hospital’s commitment to providing outstanding facilities, equipment, technology, and staff. The Auxiliary is very excited to support Hartford Hospital’s effort in serving the local community.

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