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Overview for Grant Proposals

Download the grant application:
Deadline for submissions is March 17, 2016
Hartford Hospital, a member of Hartford HealthCare, invites you to apply for its 2016 Community Benefit grant. We will be awarding grants up to $10,000 each, to programs in the Greater Hartford area addressing at least one of the following priority areas identified in its recent community Health Needs Assessment. A maximum of four grants will be selected.


We are looking for the submission of applications for the development or continuation of innovative programs in the following areas:

  1. Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Weight
    Programs that improve access to good nutrition and/or promote physical activity. Programs that provide educational opportunities on how to manage weight reduction, chronic disease management through nutrition and/or physical activity.

  1. Diabetes
    Programs that are focused on diabetes prevention, management, and education.

  1. Mental and Behavioral Health
    Programs that provide services to support individuals with behavioral and/or mental health needs.

  1. Heart Disease and Stroke
    Programs that help reduce the prevalence of heart disease and stroke particularly among underserved populations by addressing risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease such as nutrition, physical activity, and tobacco use.

  1. Injury & Violence Prevention
    Programs designed to provide interventions to address the growing incidence of violence.

Prior awardees seeking continuation funding must show evidence of success with the prior award, submittal of a year-end report, and clearly defined goals for the continued funding. 

The purpose of these grants is to support new programs or improve existing programs aimed at:
  1. Reducing the prevalence chronic disease among the underserved population addressing overweight and obese children and adults among Hartford residents through the promotion of healthy eating and physical activity.

    Special consideration will be given to programs which engage in the following:
  1. Education on the risk factors associated with excess body fat such as reduced life expectancy and increased health problems
  2. Providing weight management techniques and strategies
  3. Providing education on the importance of being physically active
  4. Increasing the availability of and access to physical activity.
  5. Providing education on the importance of healthy eating as well as healthy eating strategies and tips
  6. Increasing access to healthy foods especially fresh fruits and vegetables
  7. Providing education in the preparation of healthy food that is culturally appropriate and addresses the needs of low income individuals.
  1. Increase access to quality mental and behavioral health services for Hartford residents with a focus on comprehensive, coordinated care. Special consideration will be given to programs which engage in the following:
  1. Increasing awareness and eliminating stigma around mental health.
  2. Connecting low income, uninsured and underinsured individuals to appropriate free and low cost services
  3. Increasing awareness and access to quality mental and behavioral health services through promotion, referral and reduction of barriers

  1. Increasing access to quality healthcare for Hartford residents with a focus on patient-centered coordinated care in particular for individuals affected by diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Special consideration will be given to programs which engage in the following:
  1. Increase the utilization of free and low cost health care services
  2. Increasing awareness and access to free and low cost primary and specialty health services through marketing and referral services.
  3. Increase coordination of care to encourage a relationship with a primary care provider/ medical home
  4. Address health disparities and improve the health of all groups with particular focus on the reduction of the prevalence of those health issues related to diabetes, heart disease and stroke

  1. Reducing the prevalence of violence in the City of Hartford with a particular emphasis on gun violence. Special consideration will be given to programs which engage in the following:
  1. Innovative educational design addressing violence prevention and that provide for the development of personal empowerment, social competence, and positive identity.
  2. Increasing awareness through marketing efforts designed to promote violence as a public health campaign.
  3. Programs addressing civic engagement and public service for young adults
  4. Increasing opportunities for after school and summer internships that provide leadership and skill building.

Request for Proposals

Download the grant application:
Deadline for submissions is March 17, 2016

The following information must be included in your proposal, with each section clearly labeled.

I. Description and importance of the problem

  1. Describe the problem that your program will address.
  2. Describe how the need for this service was determined.

II. Organizational description

  1. Describe your organization, and please include:
    1. Its mission
    2. The communities it serves
    3. The nature of the organization and whether it is a tax-exempt charitable 501c(3) agency, public entity or other type of not-for-profit organization

III. Description of program

  1. Describe the goals and objectives of the program.
  2. Describe the population being served, including:
    1. The number of persons who will benefit
    2. Race and ethnicity
    3. Special needs
    4. Geographic area(s) served
  3. Describe the desired outcomes of the program.
  4. Describe how the program will work with and/or complement other community efforts to address the stated need.
  5. Describe how the program addresses Hartford Hospital’s Community Benefit goals concerning, nutrition, physical activity and weight, diabetes, mental and behavioral health, heart disease and stroke, and violence prevention.
  6. Please provide a timeline for this project, including key milestone dates.

IV. Evaluation plan

  1. Describe how your program will be evaluated and how success will be measured.
  2. Explain your data collection plan.

V. Budget

  1. Include a detailed program budget, including:
    1. Projected income and expenses
    2. The nature and source of any other funding
    3. Any long-term funding strategies
    4. Explanation of how Hartford Hospital funding will fit within the context of the program.
  2. Include, if applicable proof of your organization’s tax-exempt status, and IRS Form 990.

VI. Staff and qualifications

  1. Include a list of the key staff that will work on the program, with a brief description of their duties and qualifications (no resumes please).

VII. Board of Directors

  1. List of Board of Directors with affiliations/place of employment and titles.

Grant Proposal Submission

Download the grant application:
Deadline for submissions is March 17, 2016

Applications also may include letters of endorsement from other individuals or organizations in the community and any program materials that you wish to share.  

Please limit the grant application to no more than four double-spaced pages in a 12-point font. 

Send completed grant applications via e-mail to:

Please be sure to include your full contact information in the e-mail message so you can be contacted.

You will be contacted upon receipt of your grant application.

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