Hartford Hospital’s Center for Education, Simulation and Innovation Named to Top 50 Innovations list

October 11, 2016

The Center for Education, Simulation and Innovation at Hartford Hospital (CESI) has been named to the list of 50 Hospitals with Innovation Programs by Becker’s Hospital Review.

Hospitals named to the Becker’s Hospital Review list of 50 hospitals with Innovation Programs all demonstrate a commitment to bettering healthcare by tackling the biggest challenges facing patient care and care delivery.

CESI is a world-class training facility that is dedicated to promoting excellence in clinical care, advancing patient safety and improving multidisciplinary team performance through highly advanced medical simulation

The center allows healthcare professionals to simulate different types of crises and cutting-edge technology patient treatment. Participants are able to train in a setting similar to their actual work environments, to create an atmosphere of realism. The facility also allows for the simulation of crises or high-risk medical care across disciplines, so that specialists can work on communication and improve patient safety.

“It’s really great to be recognized as an innovative training site. We have been doing this for 17 years and we are always at the forefront of using cutting edge technology to improve patient safety,” said Stephen Donahue, program director at CESI.

In 2016, CESI hosted first-responder training for naval officers and local police officers. CESI also introduced new virtual technology training and treatment opportunities for patients and health professionals that are garnering national attention.

A 40,000-square-foot addition to the CESI facility is expected to open in 2017. The addition will include of procedure labs, task training labs and classrooms including a resuscitation/patient room, trauma, operating room, robotic training classroom, wet labs and task training labs. Flat-panel touch screens and smart boards will allow instructors to review and critique video and live streaming procedures.

For a complete list of hospitals that made Becker’s list, visit: http://www.beckershospitalreview.com/lists/50-hospitals-with-innovation-programs.html