Hartford Hospital Surgeon Becomes First in New England to Perform Single Site Hysterectomy through Belly Button Incision with da Vinci® System

May 29, 2013

HARTFORD— A surgical team at Hartford Hospital performed the state’s and New England’s first da Vinci® - or robotic-assisted single site hysterectomy on May 2nd, 2013. The patient’s uterus was removed through one tiny incision in the belly button, making the procedure virtually scarless. The Food and Drug Administration cleared the specialized Single-Site instruments for use with the da Vinci System in Gynecology in February 2013. da Vinci is a robotic surgical system widely used in complex minimally invasive surgery.

Led by Timothy Machon, M.D., the team performed the hysterectomy using Single-Site™ instruments on a da Vinci® System. Using robotic assistance, the team was able to remove the uterus through an incision of approximately one inch. The minimally invasive procedure may also be performed laparoscopically through a single incision or robotically using multiple incisions. A hysterectomy may also be performed with one large incision in an open surgical procedure. Dr. Timothy Machon is one of a small group of surgeons in the country who has received training to perform the robotic-assisted single site surgery.

"Combining two established procedures— robotic surgery and single-incision surgery, takes extra training and is cutting edge. This means we can offer even more options to our patients. They can choose the procedure that makes the most sense to them. We have expertise in all areas: robotic assisted surgery and laparoscopic surgery,” said Dr. Joel Sorosky, Director of Women’s Health at Hartford Hospital. "To be one of the first hospitals to offer this technically advanced surgery demonstrates our leadership in providing patients with the most up-to-date minimally invasive surgical options."

“Single-Site instruments used with the da Vinci platform are the next step in the evolution of surgical technologies,” said Dr. Machon. “We are truly excited to be a leader.”

Potential benefits of Single-Site hysterectomy or salpingo-oophorectomy surgery may include virtually scarless results, minimal pain, low blood loss, fast recovery, a short hospital stay and high patient 
satisfaction. The surgery can be performed in about one hour with a typical hospital stay of less than 24 hours.

During the procedure, the surgeon sits at a console, viewing a 3D, high-definition images. The surgeon uses controls below the viewer to move the surgical instrument arms and camera. In real time, the system translates the surgeon's hand, wrist and finger movements into the most precise movements possible using miniaturized instruments inside the patient.

Unlike traditional robotic surgeries requiring three to five small incisions, this newer technology allows for a single incision in the belly button where instruments are placed and the uterus is removed. Hartford Hospital’s physicians have been and continue to be leaders in robotic surgery. For nearly a decade, they have helped to train the next generation of surgeons. These are tools—that in experienced hands—can offer more to patients. In addition to hysterectomy, Hartford Hospital surgeons perform robotic-assisted surgery in cardiac, thoracic, urologic, colorectal, bariatric, urogynecologic and oncologic surgery. Hartford Hospital also offers a wide range of minimally invasive conventional laparoscopic surgeries.

For information on robotic and other minimally invasive surgeries at Hartford Hospital, call 860-545-1888 or visit www.harthosp.org.

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About da Vinci® Surgical System
While clinical studies suggest that the da Vinci® Surgical System using Single-Site™ Instrumentation is an effective tool for single-incision cholecystectomy, hysterectomy and salpingo-oophorectomy individual results may vary. There are no guarantees of outcome. All surgeries involve the risk of major complications. Before you decide on surgery, discuss treatment options with your doctor. Understanding the risks of each treatment can help you make the best decision for your individual situation. Surgery with the da Vinci Surgical System may not be appropriate for every individual; it may not be applicable to your condition. Always ask your doctor about all treatment options, as well as their risks and benefits. Only your doctor can determine whether da Vinci Surgery is appropriate for your situation. The clinical information and opinions, including any inaccuracies expressed in this material by patients or doctors about da Vinci Surgery, are not necessarily those of Intuitive Surgical, Inc. and should not be considered as substitute for medical advice provided by your doctor. © 2012 Intuitive Surgical. All rights reserved. Intuitive, Intuitive Surgical, da Vinci, da Vinci S, da Vinci Si, Single-Site, TilePro and EndoWrist are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intuitive Surgical. All other product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. PN 875946 Rev A 3/12

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