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Attention All Men: Movember Is Here!

November 02, 2017

November is “Movember,” which means all this month is dedicated to raising awareness around men’s health. What should men be looking out for when it comes to their health? Dr. Jared Bieniek is a urologist who also specializes in male fertility and sexual dysfunction at the Hartford HealthCare Tallwood Urology & Kidney Institute.

Q: What are some of the trends that we’re seeing when it comes to men’s health?

A: I think the biggest trend we see right now is really the link between individual medical conditions and overall men’s health. For example, when I see a gentleman for erectile dysfunction(ED), not only am I thinking about his ED, I’m also considering if this is an early warning sign for cardiovascular disease, or the so-called “canary in the coal mine.” Now women’s health has this established multi-disciplinary care for years. I think it’s really important to establish the same for men. So you’re looking at the whole picture. That is a good trend.

Q: What should men be focusing on when it comes to their health?

A: I think the biggest impact we can have in overall health is really in preventative care. That comes with uncomfortable topics like rectal exam and colonoscopies. It also includes easy things like blood pressure screenings and vaccinations. Each of these things is really tied together with many urologic concerns, and essential to overall health.

Q: Women are often told you need a mammogram by this age, you need to have this done by a certain age – when should men see a urologist? Is there an age where that should happen?

A: There is not necessarily an age where men need to see a urologist. Urologists have really taken the lead in men’s health across all the ages, and we specialize in care regarding male infertility, sexual dysfunction, testosterone problems, prostate issues, and various urinary problems. And really we can help to address each of these issues with multi-disciplinary collaborations, especially here at Hartford HealthCare to help ensure overall men’s wellness.

Q: Dr. Bieniek, we have just a few seconds left, but I’m going to give you an opportunity to try to encourage the men out there who are watching this who do NOT want to go to the doctor – what could you tell them in just a few seconds?

A: It doesn’t hurt much. I’m very nice, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the experience. We can get to the root of a lot of your concerns.

Meet Dr. Jared Bieniek at a free community education class on November 30 in Windsor at 6:30 on the topic of Peyronie’s disease. For more information or to register, call 1.855.HHC.HERE (1.855.442.4373), or click here