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Healthy Holiday Eating

November 22, 2017

You may have worked hard all year in building and tweaking that perfect diet, only now to be swept into a tunnel of temptation during the holiday season.

How can you stay on track despite the holidays?

What I tell people is that during the holiday season enjoy it,” said obesity medicine specialist Dr. Devika Umashanker. “Embrace what the season brings to us, but be aware. There’s no need to be restrictive.”

“I tell people to be aware of their portion controls and if you do exercise 3-4 days a week, try to continue that during the holiday season,” she said.

Other tips include:

  • Don’t skip meals on the holiday. Have a light breakfast and/or lunch – possibly even a small snack – to prevent overeating at the main meal.
  • Keep your plate colorful. The “Fifty Shades of Beige” that indicate carbs and fatty meats should be supplemented with colorful vegetables.
  • Be aware of portion control. A bite or two of a high-calorie item may be just enough to satisfy your craving.
  • Have your dessert on a smaller plate so you don’t feel pressured to fill up on a larger plate.
  • Skip seconds when at all possible.
  • Avoid the “food coma” after a big meal. Do the dishes and go for a walk before turning on the TV for football or a movie (or a nap).
  • Be careful of liquid calories. Alcoholic cocktails and seasonal drinks tend to be highly caloric.  Try to alternate between cocktails and a glass of water to stay hydrated and prevent over consumption.

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