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ICYMI: Outtakes from The Rob Dibble Show March 2018

March 25, 2018

Did you miss the March 2018 live broadcast of The Rob Dibble Show featuring Hartford HealthCare‘s Eric Smullen and Durgesh Nargarkatti? Check out these podcasts and you’ll be completely up-to-date on golf swing analysis and . These podcasts are free for download or streaming!

The Rob Dibble Show podcast: Adolescent Injury Prevention

In many sports, speed and velocity are huge assets. But how does a human being create these assets without injury? Preventing that injury – especially in young athletes – is exactly what Dr. Durgesh Nagarkatti does. He’s a pediatric orthopedist.

The Rob Dibble Show: Golf Swing Analysis

In golf, the swing is the thing. If you get it right, it can improve your performance and help prevent injury. Analyzing that swing scientifically is a service of the Bone & Joint Institute Center for Musculoskeletal Health – and not just for high-end athletes. Eric Smullen is the Vice President of the Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network.

The Rob Dibble Show: Westminster School Golf Team

Westminster School in Simsbury is a top-notch destination for future golfers. Give credit to 28-year head coach Greg Marco. He recently took his students to the Bone & Joint Institute for golf swing analysis and 3D assessments and was impressed, as he expressed in his interview with Rob and co-host Ben Darnell.

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