Mobile Team

Mobile Team

The CESI Mobile Program was established in 2013 to add another critical dimension to clinical staff training by bringing simulation-based education directly to the actual workplace.

Today, medical teams that work together can train together, as a unit, in their natural work environment. This training is more impactful and relevant to the medical staff, resulting in real benefits for patients and the organizations that care for them. This type of “In Situ” training brings medical simulation on site and accomplishes many key functions.

  • CESI Mobile brings the training to the clients
  • Educates healthcare professionals in their own facility using their own equipment
  • Improves technical proficiency and level of confidence for individuals and teams
  • Exposes potential problems with physical layouts, equipment, protocols, procedures, and personnel
  • Improves the level of trust among coworkers and their supervisors
  • Promotes and propagates a culture of safety across the organization

Sample Programs

Skilled Nursing Facilities
Nurses and Certified Nurses Aides (CNAs) participate in simulation based training as a team to compliment one others roles. Concentration is on system based assessments for patients with pneumonia, Congestive Heart Failure, Myocardial Infarction, Cerebral Vascular Accident, falls, dementia and more.

Patient Safety Risk Reduction
In addition to training, our Mobile Team can help identify and resolve previously unknown risks to patient safety. One of the way we can achieve this, is by hosting unannounced simulated patient emergencies. Analyzing a systems performance in low frequency, high risk events is a safe, responsible and cost effective way to prevent medical errors.

LIFE STAR Emergency Preparedness
CESI teams up with Hartford Hospital’s LIFE STAR program during emergency preparedness training. Learners are encouraged to triage and intervene with critically ill patients requiring lifesaving interventions. CESI participates in the debriefing process by providing valuable feedback based on the technology the manikin/software provides.

Our Customers

  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Day Surgery Centers
  • Dental Clinics
  • Hospital Systems
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Visiting Nurse Associations
  • and more...