Medical Control

In cooperation with the Hartford Hospital Emergency Department, EMS Education provides medical control for area pre-hospital providers.

The Department of EMS Education is pleased to announce that we have recently established a blog. You may follow and interact with at http://hhemseducation.blogspot.com/. This is where all the most current information regarding the Department, including medical control will be posted. Feel free to leave a comment.

Medical Control Protocols

Hartford Hospital is a member of the North Central Connecticut EMS Council and as such utilizes the North Central Regional EMS Guidelines. These may be found at the Connecticut EMS Council's website, under North Central. Additonally, the State of Connecticut, Office of Emergency Medical Services from time to time issues communications. They may be found at the following link: Office of Emergency Medical Services Communications Page

For Medical Control related issues or questions, please contact Dave Bailey at 860.972.1180 or David.Bailey@hhchealth.org

Medical Control Services

The following services receives Medical Control from the Department of EMS Education at Hartford Hospital:

Paramedic Level

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician level

Automatic Defibrillation Level

American Heart Association Community Partners for Automatic Defibrillation

Ebola Information

The Department of EMS Education has been in constant contact with Hartford HealthCare's Ebola Committee. This group represents the expertise and knowledge of not just Hartford Hospital, but our entire network and includes all of our Emergency Departments and the Infectious Disease Department here at Hartford Hospital.

Below we have identified what is the latest information on Ebola and preparation for the treatment of Ebola patients. Please note that all of these practices and procedures will likely be fluid for some time as we learn what will and will not work. The information here will change often and we encourage you to refer back to here often.

The CDC has updated it's guidelines on PPE use by Healthcare Providers who manage Ebola patients.
*Updated 10/21/14
Peter Canning at UCHC created the following:
EMS PPE recommendations from the CDC (previous recommended ppe)
How Hartford Hospital will address a suspected Ebola Patient in our ED from EMS
*Updated 10/20/14
Questions to ask early in your assessment of all patients if there is a concern for Ebola
*Updated 10/20/14
Ebola Frequently Asked Questions Download
DPH Commissioner's Letter to EMS Providers Download
Check list for EMS Preparation for Ebola from the CDC Download
Proper method for donning and doffing PPE from the CDC Download
Case definition of Ebola form the CDC Download
Press release from the Governor's Office re Ebola Briefing Download
Governor outlines Ebola response Download
CT DPH Guidelines for Cleaning & Decontamination 10/27/14 Download
CT DPH First Responder Guidelines

Medical Control Communications

Welcome to our Medical Control Memos, Policies and Procedures page. On occasion memos are issued to clarify or establish policy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

2015 2014 2013 Previous
Norepinephrine is a suitable substitute for Epinephrine
Transitions & Refreshers for Paramedics
Ambulance Exhaust
Taser Use and EMS
Norepinephrine Mix & Drip Instructions
12 Lead EKG Record Policy
Non-Emergency Transfer of Tracheostomy Patients
Performance of Resuscitation Efforts
Red Pod PCRs
BLS 12 Lead EKG Guideline
Reducing Footprints on the ED Wall
Epinephrine IM Site Selection
On Scene Patient Care and Decision Making
AEMT Update Documentation of Patient Account Numbers
Substitution of Midazolam for Lorazepam
QA Concerns
Expectations Regarding Provision of Paramedic Care

Medical Control Policies

Adverse Event Reporting Policy

Adverse Event Reporting Form

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