Admissions, Consultations & Referrals

We have simplified the referral and admission process to Hartford Hospital. As always, you can call the physician of your choice, and he or she will take it from there or we can make those arrangements for you.

We promise you a prompt response to your inquiry, consultation, evaluation or admission!

Scheduling Office Consultations or Evaluations

Please Call:

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Inter-facility Transfer or Direct Patient Admission

One Call - Day or Night:

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Hospital Forms

Many of our hospital forms are available online and can be downloaded for use by practices that send patients to Hartford Hospital.

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Also in This Section

Inter-Facility Transfers/Inpatient Admissions
All inter-facility transfers or patient referrals for inpatient admission are arranged through the Admissions Coordinator or Nursing Coordinator Bed Manager.

Scheduling Office Consultations or Evaluations
Office consultations/evaluations can be scheduled through Hartford Hospital's Health Referral Services (HRS).