Our bodies are largely comprised of water, and water is liquid crystal. Science has proven that every atom emits its own vibrational frequency; therefore our cells, our organs, blood, bone, fascia and muscle give off vibrational frequency. Crystal Singing Bowls resonate crystalline vibration, aligning with the body's personal crystal vibration. With balanced resonation, blood circulation is supported as well as a healthy metabolism. As frequency vibration must align harmoniously with frequency vibration, studies have shown the profound effect of sound vibration on cancer cells as cancer cells cannot harmonious align with frequency vibration. A healthy cell tissue will be in a pure state of water, while an unhealthy or cancerous cell has un-geometric and disorganized water molecules. Studies have shown the cells re-actively shift, shrink and in some case studies dry up completely. Each specific vibration of the bowls awaken and stimulate not only the chakras, but also the organs, tissues, bone and cells of the body to remember the patterning for perfect health, calming the mind and ultimately triggering endorphins, the body's natural pain killers. Recipients often feel more energized, balanced, reduced pain, peaceful along with gaining deeper insight and perspective along with more clarity of thought. You may sit or lie down (bring yoga mat, blanket, pillow, eye covering and water.)


Wethersfield HH Medical Group

1290 Silas Deane Highway
Wethersfield, CT 06109


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Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Healing


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