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The Boutique at the Helen & Harry Gray Cancer Center is a division of Associated Medical, Inc., a Joint Commission accredited, durable medical / home medical equipment provider as well as a provider of clinical services.

At the Boutique, we focus on serving those recovering from cancer by providing a full line of products to aid in physical and emotional healing. Associated Medical distributes and supports products from over 60 manufacturers and holds particular expertise in women’s health, post-orthopedic surgery recovery, urinary incontinence treatment, and DVT (blood clot) prevention.

The Boutique Provides:

  • Post-op and surgical bras and camisoles
  • Breast forms
  • Mastectomy bras, swimsuits, active wear and sleepwear
  • Hair alternatives
  • Wigs, scarves, hats, head-wraps
  • Fashion advice: head wraps and scarf tying techniques
  • Compression products for lymphedema, venous disorders and general leg support
  • Arm sleeves, knee highs, thigh highs, socks, panty hose, pregnancy garments
  • Decorative canes
  • Non-metallic deodorants and skin care products
  • Skin lotions and toiletries
  • Miaderm and Calendula (creams recommended for radiation patients)
  • Pain relief creams
  • Cryoderm and Biofreeze
  • Gift and inspirational items
  • Scarves, jewelry, handbags, journals, pins, books, and men’s hats
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Weight-gain shakes and assorted cookbooks
  • Gift certificates
  • Free valet parking for our customers

At The Boutique, we strive to create a place where women can continue to heal, feel beautiful again, and do so in a space that is warm, welcoming and safe. We believe in the importance of addressing every dimension of the person with cancer--physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It is our intent that in a multitude of small ways, The Boutique is a place that allows that healing journey to continue. We hope to do that through offering beautiful and functional products, exceptional experiences, compassionate care, education and support. We invite you to visit us at The Boutique. We would be honored to walk with you as you continue your healing journey.


Our certified fitters are trained and experienced in breast prosthetic fitting, bra fitting, wig fitting and compression fitting. Please call or stop in to schedule an appointment with one of our fitters. This allows us time to verify your insurance and to set aside the appropriate amount of time to dedicate to serving your needs without being interrupted.

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We accept Medicare, Medicaid and most major insurance plans for insurance-billable items. Our insurance specialists will verify your insurance and help you understand your coverage.

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Patient Resources

More Information:

  • Please visit our dedicated website at for full details on all of our services.
  • Our Madison Location: Please visit our Madison location, After All Boutique, located at 168 Boston Post Road, on the shoreline in Madison.
  • Our Parent Company - Associated Medical: Associated Medical serves healthcare providers and their patients by introducing new technologies in recovery and durable medical equipment. We specialize in multimodal, innovative therapies that treat acute and chronic conditions in orthopedics and gynecological medicine.
    Associated Medical carries a broad range of medical products that support patients at different points in their lives. Our products help patients recover from an injury or surgery, reduce pain or other medication consumption, recover from cancer, brace or immobilize a joint, treat or manage incontinence or leaky bladder, treat swelling or lymphedema, and more. Our overall mission is to drive healthcare forward. Our individual mission is to provide you and your family with top service and exceptional quality.

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The Boutique at The Gray Cancer Center