For Patients | Hospitality Services

What does Hospitality mean to you?

  • Receiving a daily newspaper?
  • Receiving a newspaper written in Spanish, if that's your native language?
  • Having someone shop for you in the Auxiliary Store?
  • Being able to make an appointment to have your hair cut or styled?
  • Being escorted to unfamiliar areas of the hospital?

Thanks to our Patient Relations Program, Hartford Hospital patients can take advantage of all these services through the Hospitality Services Program.

The Hospitality Services Program's mission is to make the hospital experience more pleasant for our patients, and to support the goal of being patient centered.

The Hospitality Services Program provides you and your family with a variety of complementary services or assistance in obtaining videos, magazines or assistance in purchasing newspapers.

This service is designed to make your hospital stay as pleasant as possible.

Hospitality volunteers are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. They are stationed at the information desk in the main lobby, where they can also assist visitors as needed. Patients can access the service from their rooms by dialing extension 5-1400. Staff members are also encouraged to use the service for their patients.

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