Osteoarthritis is a process in which cartilage wears down and the supporting bone changes and develops bony outgrowths called osteophytes (spurs).

It becomes painful for affected joints to function. This type of “wear and tear” arthritis is most common in older people. Even though there is no proven cure for osteoarthritis there are effective strategies that can keep the damage from getting worse.

Treatments for Osteoarthritis
Modifying the mechanics of the involved joints and strengthening the muscles around the joint can help with symptoms. One of the best treatments can be weight reduction, which helps take stress off your joints. Enhancing motor activity with physical therapy can also help, along with some orthopedic aids, including orthotics.

Local cortisone injections, an important treatment, have proven effective in reducing pain and symptoms. Other medications can also be injected into affected joints, including SINVISC® and hyaluronic acid (this is called visco supplementation).This therapy acts to restore the natural lubricating properties of the joint fluid (synovial fluid), and patients often report less pain for a period time after viscosupplementation.

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