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Keep Your Eye on Nutrition, Exercise (Not the Scale) When Losing Weight

August 03, 2020

With the growing popularity of weight-loss apps, like Noom and Weight Watchers, it’s never been easier to get your own, personalized plan to help shed some unwanted pounds.

Although  these apps certainly can be effective, the fitness experts from Hartford HealthCare remind you that there are many factors  when setting out to lose weight.

According to Emil Johnson, Manager of Hartford HealthCare’s GoodLife Fitness program, nutrition is the No. 1 component. An exercise regimen without the proper nutrition will not yield the best results.

“You can do all the cardio you want but if your fuel is garbage, you’re going to struggle,” Johnson said.  “Making sure that you are incorporating the proper nutrition into your diet will make all the difference when trying to lose weight.”

Some examples of proper nutrition, Johnson says, include whole grains, several servings of fruits and vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats.

Johnson said that once nutrition is on point, focus on exercises that will help stimulate muscles throughout  the body  Incorporating full-body exercises into your new diet will lead to the best results.

“Doing biceps curls isn’t going to help too much,” he said.  “Using full body movements that incorporate your larger muscle groups will be vital and lead to better results.”

The most important component to starting, said Johnson, is making sure to take it slow and be realistic. Most people stop working out because they do too much too soon and don’t see the scale move, he says, but that shouldn’t discourage you as persistence and consistency is the key.

“Weigh yourself day one, then don’t get on a scale for 60 days, yes, 60 days!” he said.   “Let’s say you lost 5 pounds.  Some people would get discouraged. The reality is that would equate to a weight loss of 30 pounds if your trend continued for the year.  Focus on the process, not the outcome. It will take care of itself.”

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