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Cancer Care | Breast Health Clinical ResearchWhen your doctor recommends participating in a cancer clinical research study, you may feel confused or scared.

You want the newest cancer research and the best cancer drugs for your treatment. But what will happen during the study? How will it affect your current treatment? What lifestyle impact can you expect? You need more than just the answers; you want to know if participating in a clinical trial is the right decision for you, and you need support to get you through.

The Program

Guidance. Compassion. Support.
The nurses and clinical research associates of our Cancer Center Clinical Research Office are matched one-on-one with patients as Clinical Trial Navigators. They are committed to advocating for your well-being, monitoring your treatment, and managing your treatment side-effects. From finding the right study of the newest cancer treatments to keeping your doctors and specialists connected with your progress, we go the extra mile for clinical research participants. You’ll find their compassionate care and trustworthy guidance will replace any fears with a sense of confidence and a feeling of total support.

Comprehensive Care During your Clinical Research Trial
Your Clinical Trial Navigator is part of a multidisciplinary care team finding and delivering the best care for your illness. They will represent your interests at tumor board presentations, where our medical staff meets as a team to collaboratively decide on the best treatment options for individual patients. All clinical trials are monitored by an Institutional Review Board, so your research is closely overseen for both safety and outcomes. In the community, we also help patients at high risk for cancer to find and participate in cancer prevention trials.

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Treatment Options

Connecting You to the Latest Cancer Research
As one of New England’s major clinical research institutions, Hartford Hospital Cancer Center patients have access to new drugs for cancer, the newest cancer treatment techniques and research studies from across the country. That means patients are in touch with the latest thinking, the best expertise, and the newest treatment possibilities available. Our local treatment team is part of a larger vision and dream: to cure cancer, everywhere. We maintain close collaborative relationships with leading cancer researchers across the country, like Memorial Sloan Kettering, National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the National Cancer Institute (NCI). We also access studies from pharmaceutical partners dedicated to cancer treatment. Our cancer specialists also lead physician-initiated studies right here at Hartford Hospital. What this means for patients is extraordinary access to many cooperative and multi-institutional trial groups, as well as help deciding on and participating in the right trials for their situation.

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Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Alliance
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center has launched a transformative initiative to improve the quality of cancer care and the lives of cancer patients. Hartford HealthCare was selected as a pioneering member of the newly formed Cancer Alliance. Through the Alliance, MSK and Hartford HealthCare together will develop strategies to improve outcomes, expedite the time it takes to get the most-advanced treatment to our patients, and eliminate barriers to high-quality cancer care that many patients and families in Connecticut face today. To learn more, visit www.TogetherAhead.org.

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National Cancer Research Affiliations
Connections to national research consortia give Hartford Hospital access to the leading experts participating in the larger vision of finding a cure for cancer. We are affiliated with the following NIH-funded research groups:

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Patient Resources

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