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Many cancers of the liver, called hepatobilliary cancers, exhibit no outward symptoms to patients before diagnosis.

Hepatocellular carcinoma is a particularly “silent” cancer. While most cancers are routinely biopsied, liver cancers are not since biopsy can cause them to spread. That’s why patients with suspect masses on their liver need careful evaluation by experienced hepatobilliary cancer experts. Hartford Hospital is one of the few regional hospitals whose expertise also includes liver transplant surgery.


A Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Hepatobilliary Cancer
A multidisciplinary team of gastroenterologists and liver experts convene to evaluate patients with known liver masses. Together they decide the best course of action based on blood tests, MRI findings, and the size and number of liver masses present. Interventional radiologists may be called upon to perform procedures like chemo embolization or cryoablation to freeze the mass. Every available treatment option is considered to determine the most effective care for the best outcome.

Specialized workgroups in hepatobiliary cancer include surgeons, medical oncologists, pathologists and radiation oncology experts. Each week these specialists come together to diagnose and stage cancers as well as address challenging patient issues. A dedicated team of nurse practitioners helps patients manage issues and symptoms, and. Integrative medicine techniques like Reiki and accupunture help manage symptoms from chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Whenever appropriate, we connect patients with clinical trials offering the most promising advances in treating their liver cancer. We make sure to support patients with any resources they (and their families) may need.

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The Program

Liver Transplantation Program
In some hepatobilliary cancer cases, a liver transplant is recommended. Hartford Hospital is unique among area hospitals in having a very experienced Liver Transplantation Program. They provide the highest quality of patient-centered transplant care in a community setting. Our physicians, coordinators and nursing staff are all highly trained with many years of experience providing pre-operative, peri-operative and post-transplant care.

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