Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute | Survivorship Patient Navigator Program

This survivorship program facilitates a positive transition from the end of active cancer care to optimal wellness after treatment.

As part of a multidisciplinary, integrated team, the Survivorship Program provides comprehensive, coordinated after-care for cancer patients treated at Hartford Hospital. 

The goal of the Survivorship Nurse Practitioner visit is to develop and deliver a comprehensive, effective and meaningful care plan to each survivor. During the initial visit, the patient, along with the patient's family or caregiver, will receive:

  • A Cancer Treatment Summary that will provide detailed information about each patient's specific cancer treatments
  • A Cancer Survivorship Care Plan, outlining information on healthy living, signs and symptoms of recurrence, and potential late effects of treatment
  • Assistance with coordination of care between primary care physicians, medical/radiation oncologists, and other specialists
  • Information about available support programs, wellness programs, and referrals to other health care professionals and services as necessary
  • Education and assistance with setting goals for healthy living

In addition, by encouraging active patient and caregiver participation in the plan of care, post-treatment anxiety may be reduced and quality of life enhanced for Hartford Hospital's cancer survivors.