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Community Lecture Series on Pancreatic Cancer (April, 2013)

In the following seminars from Hartford Hospital physicians you will learn the importance of pancreatic cancer prevention, detection and treatment. Drs. Curtis, Karasik, Jimenez and Golioto discuss who is at risk, methods of detection, staging and treatment advances. Topics covered during these seminars include:

  • Pancreatic cancer general information including different types, diagnosis, staging and treatment options
  • Understanding risk factors for pancreatic disease and the development of cancer
  • Identifying high risk groups and those individuals who may benefit from screening
  • Current research to assist in early diagnosis


Pancreatic Disease: What's the Risk for Cancer? (April, 2012)

Learn about the different types of pancreatic cancer, prevention, detection and treatment. Understand the risk factors, who may benefit from screening and current research and treatment options to assist in early diagnosis. Presented jointly by The Ron Foley Pancreatic Cancer Foundation, the National Pancreas Foundation and the Hartford Hospital.


Advancing Medicine Series


  • Cancer Care ~ Turning Fear Into Hope
    Hartford Hospital’s cancer patients describe their awe-inspiring journeys. Join us to meet people from our community who will make you cry and make you laugh.

    This show originally aired October 27, 2009

  • Minds to Heal: Going Beyond Brain Surgery
    John Baskowski was enjoying a beautiful day at the Big E with his wife when he suddenly fell ill. An MRI revealed a tumor on his brain stem, positioned dangerously close to his spinal nerves. Experts would remove the tumor through his nose, a surgery only a highly skilled team can do.

    This show originally aired December 5, 2013

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  • The Helen & Harry Cancer Center takes a leadership role in cancer care in New England. Dr. Andrew Salner describes how "We’re making a meaningful contribution to advancing cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, and research in our community, and teaching other hospitals from our experience."

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