Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute | Online Resources

Cancer Registry

Crucial data supporting cutting-edge cancer research. The Cancer Registry manages the vital cancer research data healthcare providers and investigators depend on to prevent and control cancer. It's an unmatched database on cancer statistics that's one of the oldest in the country.

Online Patient Resources

Access to patient resources online to help you in your health's journey. Providing information about topics from breast cancer to survival coalitions provide you with the knowledge you need.

Online Breast & Oncology Resources

A multitude of online resources about breast health and cancer as well as resources about oncology for your use.

Online Medical Societies & Associations Resources

Here you will find a myriad of medical societies and associations that are available to you for support, information, and anything you or a loved one might need.

Online Male Breast Center Resources

Find information and resources for men diagnosed with breast cancer—from organizations to societies to wealths of information are available at your fingertips.