Patient Support

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

The Hartford Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation program is an exercise and health program aimed at helping people recover from a recent heart hospitalization.

Nutrition Counseling Service

The Henry Low Heart Center offers several comprehensive nutritional counseling services and support to people suffering from cardiovascular conditions or to those inquiring about general nutritional information.

Athlete's Heart Program

Athletes with underlying heart problems can put themselves at risk by participating in high-intensity workouts.

Cholesterol Management Center

The Cholesterol Management Center provides education and treatment programs designed to improve the lives of people with cholesterol disorders.

Counseling & Stress Management

Depression, stress, anger and lack of social support pose risks to heart health.

Vascular Screening Program

Vascular Screening uses non-invasive techniques to obtain two measures that help evaluate cardiovascular health.

Women's Heart Center

Heart disease is the number one killer of American women each year, claiming more than 500,000 lives, yet fewer than three in ten women perceive heart disease to be their greatest health threat.

Heart and Vascular Institute