Heart Center | Women's Heart Center

Heart disease is the number one killer of American women each year, claiming more than 500,000 lives, yet fewer than three in ten women perceive heart disease to be their greatest health threat.

The Women’s Heart Center provides the most comprehensive program to address the specific needs of women and their heart health. The center is committed to helping women with known or suspected heart problems through prevention, early detection, treatment and support.
A team of dedicated healthcare providers offers comprehensive cardiovascular diagnostic testing, treatment and education to female patients. Women are encouraged to take an active role in their heart care through the Center’s educational programs and resources. Programs and services include:

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Nutritional Counseling Service
  • Counseling & Stress Management
  • StrongWomen Program
  • Support Groups 

Women’s Heart Resource Center

Hartford Hospital is committed to providing education to the community. The Women's heart Resource Center provides women with the latest information on heart related topics in a quiet, comfortable setting. Patients, their families and the public are encouraged to browse the center’s collection of educational literature -- pamphlets, books and videos -- or use the computer for research. A medical information search is provided free on request to meet individual needs.