Cystic Fibrosis Center | Visit Expectations

People with CF are seen in the CF clinic every two to three months.

At the beginning of each visit, a medication history form is provided for the patient/family to fill out. This is reviewed by the CF team prior to the person being seen. At each CF visit, people are seen by the MD or APRN in attendance at the clinic. Pulmonary function testing will be done for those over 5 years of age. A sputum culture will be done, with results taking approximately seven days to be returned. According to the needs of each person, they may also have visits from the nutritionist, social worker, respiratory therapist and/or physical therapist. A written care plan is provided for each person/family at the end of each visit and is reviewed by the CF nurse. Any prescriptions that are needed will also be provided at the end of the clinic visit. Return visits will be scheduled at the end of the clinic visit.

The Cystic Fibrosis Center has a very strict infection control policy to prevent cross infection between our patients. Right after checking in, each person will be brought to either the pulmonary function lab or an exam room. Care providers wear gowns and gloves for each person they see, and each room and the pulmonary function equipment are cleaned with disinfectant between patients.

Download the Clinic Visit Treatment Record
(patient or family is requested to fill out this form and bring it to the appointment)

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