3D Mammography

3D Mammography3D mammography is the latest and most advanced technology available for the early detection of breast cancer.

This type of mammography, also known as tomosynthesis, uses an X-ray arm that sweeps over the breast and takes multiple images.

Unlike traditional 2D technology, in which the mammogram is read as a single image, tomosynthesis allows the radiologist to scroll through breast images like the pages of a book and see overlapping tissue. Overlapping tissue is a common problem for women with dense breasts.

Benefits of 3D mammography:

  • Better visualization of breast tissue, especially for dense breasts
  • Better detection of small breast cancers
  • Increased accuracy, resulting in fewer unnecessary callbacks and need for additional testing

3D mammography is available to any patient who is due for their annual screening mammogram. Please check that your insurance carrier provides coverage for 3D mammography.

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