As a STAR Program participant, you will spend one 6-hour shift with LIFE STAR in order to:

  • Become familiar with LIFE STAR operations.
  • Fly on actual patient transports and educational flights with the LIFE STAR Crew.*

* Successful completion of this experience may occur without flying.

The Program

The STAR Program is designed to provide a clinical learning experience for employees related to the Emergency Services field. The program will provide the opportunity for health care providers to become knowledgeable regarding helicopter safety and operations. The Program also offers direct visualization of patient care in the field. The Program will also enhance knowledge and foster the team concept for members of surrounding communities. The LIFE STAR mission is to promote, restore, and maintain the health of the people we serve by providing the highest quality, appropriate, rapid, critical care transport.


Qualifications / Restrictions:

  • Must be 18 years of age.
  • Candidate is currently employed as an EMT, Paramedic, Firefighter, Police Officer, Dispatcher, RN, RRT, or MD within the LIFE STAR service area.
  • The approved candidate must have an approval letter from your Director/Supervisor/Chief indicating active participation in good standing with your department.
  • A weight limit of no more than 200 pounds.
  • A valid drivers license must be carried on you the day you ride-along. This is required under FAA guidelines. If you do not have an ID, you will not be allowed to fly.
  • If you do not meet the criteria listed above you may be considered upon an individual basis.

Proper Attire (Important):

  • Please wear khaki, BDU type, or uniform approved pants (jeans are not acceptable).
  • Clothing marked with specific department logos are not acceptable.
  • Wear an above the ankle, non-skid sole shoe, preferably boots or hiking shoes (no sneakers).
  • Scrubs are NOT approved attire.
  • Please be aware that professional attire is expected in one of the ways described above. Any one of the flight crew members has the right to send someone home for improper attire at his or her own discretion.



  • Please arrive promptly to your designated location at the specified time.
  • Bring money or food to eat. We have a refrigerator and a microwave for your use.
  • Bring something to do while you are not flying (i.e. school work or books to read).
  • Bring a jacket for cold weather and dress appropriately to stay warm. (Long johns are suggested for cold weather).
  • There is a chance that you could be left at a hospital or scene if there is a weight issue or if a two patient flight arises with a weight issue. You will not be allowed to go on a flight if it is a Isolette or balloon pump flight.
  • Please be aware if any of this happens, we will do our best get your back to where you came from!

Other Important Information

  • Observers should not accept the delivery of any information while on a mission.
  • Observers should not deliver any kind of patient care unless asked to do so by on duty crews.
  • LIFE STAR reserves the right to refuse participation in the STAR Program at any time, at the discretion of the pilot or flight crew.

Please Note: Call Flight Communications prior to your scheduled time to make sure there are no conflicts. If you are scheduled to Observe and you are a No Call / No Show on your day to fly you will not be allowed to reschedule for one year.

Observer Vest and Aircraft Door Policy

  • All STAR Observer participants are required to wear a provided "LIFE STAR OBSERVER" vest.
  • The vest must be worn on all flights.
  • The vest must remain on the observer while at a scene, into a hospital, or while a patient is being transferred into tertiary care facilities.
  • The vest must be visible at all times.
  • In the event a STAR Observer does not wear, or refuses to wear the vest, their observation shift will be cancelled at that time.
  • Unless in an Emergency situation only flight crew members should be opening and closing all doors on the aircraft at all times.

Mentorship Program

The LIFE STAR program has instituted a Mentorship Program which qualified applicants can enroll in. Participants in the STAR program should inquire about the Mentorship Program while on their observation shift.


The STAR program is currently suspended while staff undergo training. Please check back with us again soon to register for the program.