Postoperative Instructions: After Brain Surgery

The following are a list of instructions for your convalescence following your brain surgery. These general instructions are meant to be used only as guidelines. They may be modified for an individual patient.

  1. Keep your incision dry to your staples removed. You may shower.
  2. Call the office to schedule an appointment for staple removal to be done 10 to 14 days after surgery.
  3. If there's any redness or drainage from your incision, or if you have fever greater than 101.5, call the office immediately or go to the emergency room.
  4. If you have a worsening headache, drowsiness, or new weakness on one side of your body, or if your family notices a dramatic change your behavior call the office immediately or go to the emergency room.
  5. If you're taking medication to prevent seizures, be sure not to miss any doses, and do not let your prescription run out.
  6. If you're having a headache and need more pain medication please be sure to call our office during regular business hours - Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM. Prescription refills need at least 48 hours.
  7. Sleep only in a bed elevating your head by at least one pillow.
  8. No bending, stooping, pushing, lifting or straining. Do not push backwards with your head and neck to adjust your position in bed.
  9. Begin walking in the house in progress to outdoors. Take someone with you for the first few times until you feel quite confident with your abilities. Slowly increase the distance each day.
  10. Ride only in the car when absolutely necessary specifically from the hospital and to return for your follow-up appointment.
  11. Do not drink alcoholic beverages post-operatively. Make certain you understand the medication instructions that you're giving and follow instructions faithfully.
  12. Constipation is common especially taking her chronic pain medication. You should drink plenty of liquids and eat a diet high in fiber. You may take a stool softener for a short time while on the pain medication. Avoid laxatives.

Department of Neurosurgery