Cooled Radiofrequency Treatment

Cooled Radiofrequency Treatment is a minimally invasive treatment option targeting nerves that transmit pain.

Hartford Hospital's Pain Treatment Center is the only provider in the area offering this non-surgical, non-opioid treatment for pain.

How does it work?

The COOLIEF* procedure uses cooled radiofrequency energy to safely target the sensory nerves responsible for sending pain signals. A radiofrequency generator transmits a small current of RF energy through an insulated electrode, or probe, placed within tissue. Ionic heating, produced by the friction of charged molecules, thermally deactivates the nerves responsible for sending pain signals to the brain.

Unlike other RF procedures, COOLIEF* circulates water through the device while heating nervous tissue to create a larger treatment area, increasing the opportunity to help with pain. This combination targets the pain-transmitting nerves without excessive heating, leading to pain relief.

What to expect after the procedure

This short procedure can help you return to normal activities within a week or two. Using ice packs at the procedure site and taking analgesic medication (medication that temporarily alleviates pain) can decrease your discomfort.

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