Here's what our patients are saying about The Pain Treatment Center

Thank You!

Thank you, Hartford Hospital Pain Treatment Center! You have appreciably reduced the pain caused by my severe scoliosis and have noticeably improved the quality of my life. It sure is nice to be able to face each day knowing that my pain is manageable and that I can lead a more normal life. The doctors and staff of the HHPTC are friendly, courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. Simply stated, THEY CARE! Again, thank you HHPTC!

William M.


Very Grateful.

I am very grateful that Hartford Hospital has a pain clinic.  I have used one in Florida for ten years after a sciatica attack and found it was a wonderful place where I was completely understood for my pain problems and also given relief.  To have the same experience finally in my own area is a blessing to me!  Every person in this office are caring and friendly and this a plus as well.  Understanding is a key here- we are not addicts but persons who hurt some days a lot of and need understanding and caring.  Thank you, Hartford Hospital Pain Treatment Center.

– Joyce S.


Top Notch!

I have been a patient since 2006 and Dr. Kost and all of his staff are top notch in professionalism, courtesy, and maintaining scheduling. Pain meds are carefully rationed out on MD’s strict orders and calculated to the patient’s specific needs. Multiple treatments are available and on the day of the procedure Dr. Kost will re-examine the patient and change the procedure and check insurance on the spot. The staff works with counseling services as patients with chronic pain many times develop depression and/or anxiety due to the severe chronic pain that changes their lifestyle from normal active lives to being home bound and dependent care being needed.

Linda S.


Very Professional.

Very professional in all aspects. All members of the staff do a very good job in accordance to all of your needs. They make sure you are comfortable for your given condition. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

– Michael W.


LOVE these doctors!

Everyone from the time I walk into the office of the pain clinic makes me feel comfortable. The nurses are social and friendly. They speak to you on a one on one basis with empathy and concern. Every one of the Doctors- I just LOVE! I feel like I have cried and shared things over the years that other Doctors just haven’t taken the time or interest to hear. Because of living in constant pain people in your life sometimes they become numb to it, but when I came here, they listen and genuinely care.

Barbara R.


Intelligent, caring, respectful.

Eight years ago I was a new patient with HHPTC. I suffer from RSD. I can definitely say that without the dedication and the intelligence at HHPTC, Beth, Dr. Kost and all staff, my quality of life would not exist. My life would be meaningless due to extreme health issues. I love them for their help. Intelligent, compassionate, caring, understanding, and respectful.

–Jeffrey S.


Excellent experience!

My experience at this pain treatment center has been excellent. Dr. Kost and the other doctors take time to find out what is wrong and always try new things to help. I always feel welcome by the nurses and the office staff. I recommended this center to anyone I talk to if they mention they have pain. I have been a patient with Dr. Kost for over 8 years and have no desire to switch.

Michelle L.


I'm at a better place.

After 3 years of extreme pain I find myself at a better place. I can’t say enough about how this pain management helped me.

– Glenn W.

Pain Treatment Center