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Joining us is Dr. Peter Lucchio, a Clinical Psychologist who works with athletes at the Bone and Joint Institute’s Center for Musculoskeletal Health at Hartford Hospital to tell us how this clinical specialty can be a real game-changer for athletes…Good evening Dr. Lucchio…

Good Evening!

Q. First, tell us about your role as a sports psychologist at the Bone and Joint Institute…

A. My role with athletes at the Bone & Joint Institute is twofold: to help identify and help athletes who are having emotional difficulties adjusting to injury and help athletes optimize their mindset for sport performance.

Q. How do you help athletes recover psychologically from injuries…especially repeat injuries?

A. Some of this work is providing athletes the opportunity to share their story and then provide them with tools to navigate troublesome thoughts or emotions that emerge from injuries. When an athletes is physically ready to return to sport, I assist them with confronting any fears, such as lack of confidence in the previously injured body part, that are getting in their way with return to play.

Q. What about those injuries that permanently sideline an athlete from ever playing sports again?

A. In these unfortunate cases there are multiple considerations, including a natural grief process that may ensue for some athletes. It is important to providing support to help guide athletes through grief. When athletes are no longer able to participate in their sport, some of the work may be helping aspects of their identity work or helping athletes find new means of channeling their athletic interests.

Q. The pressure to perform can be a challenge for many athletes…how can athletes deal with anxiety on game day?

A. Great question. When it comes to pregame jitters, an athlete would benefit from identifying what they are thinking or feeling. Then if they can better accept whatever their internal experience is, their capacity to manage fear or anxiety is better. The fact of the matter is that some of the best athletes on earth are afraid before they take the field or the court. Fear often times is just an indicator that we care deeply about something... So I help athletes transcend fear or anxiety to play in a way that is consistent with their goals.

Thank you, Dr. Lucchio, for this helpful information for athletes.

If you would like to learn more about sports psychology and what the Bone and Joint Institute at Hartford Hospital offers athletes call 1-855-800-4040.




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