Sentinelle Breast MRI Coil

January 01, 2015

SentinellBreastCoilDoctors at Hartford hospital have a new tool in place to help them detect and diagnose breast disease with confidence, making the experience more comfortable for nervous patients who may learn they have breast cancer.

The new tool is called the Sentinelle breast MRI coil. It is an advanced Breast MRI diagnostic system that produces impressive, high quality breast MRI images. Better images mean a better, sometimes earlier diagnosis. Many factors affect image quality, including the ability of the patient to stay as still as possible.

The new system’s advanced ergonomic design is more comfortable, using positioning “wings” and sternum rest. A more comfortable patient moves less, and reduced motion provides better image quality.

“This advanced technology will not only offer better patient care, it will significantly improve the patient’s experience during the MRI procedure”, said Jinnah Phillips, M.D., Breast Imaging Radiologist at Hartford Hospital and Jefferson Radiology. “The coil’s unique design assures our patients are comfortable during the procedure, while providing much greater access to the breast for proper positioning and biopsy into regions of the breast that were difficult to access in the past. The ability to adjust the positioning of each coil to the patient provides superior image quality, providing greater confidence in diagnosis.”

It can be nerve-wracking to learn you need a biopsy. Hartford Hospital’s Imaging Center experts believe having more comfortable and efficient equipment can make the whole experience a better one.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) recommends MRI examinations in addition to annual mammograms for women with an especially high risk of breast cancer. Screenings are recommended for women with one of the following: a BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation; a first-degree relative (parent, sibling or child) with the above gene mutation; exposure to chest-area radiation between the ages of 10 and 30; or a lifetime risk of breast cancer scored at 20%-25% or greater based on one of the several accepted risk assessment tools.

“Hartford Hospital is committed to providing the best in breast cancer detection and patient management,” said Jinnah Phillips, M.D. “The Sentinelle breast coil is a powerful new tool for our physicians and patients”.

Photo Above: Sentinelle Vanguard® for GE The Next Generation in Breast MRI