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AuxilliaryThis is not your grandmother’s Auxiliary!

Our board of directors, elected officers and members come from all walks of life – full time working women, stay at home moms, retired executives, young professionals, hospital employees, long time residents and people new to the area.

We have one goal in mind - to make a difference in the community by supporting the values of Caring, Safety, Excellence and Integrity at Hartford Hospital. We have accomplished a lot over the years! Through fundraising events we support special projects and provide gifts to the Hartford Hospital community totaling several hundred thousand dollars each year. If you want to make a difference come check us out!

About Us

From the Co-Presidents:

Dear Auxilians,

We are coming to the end of another exciting year of Board activities. On behalf of the Auxiliary Board, we are happy to report our news of the past year.

Our 2014-2015 season started with yet another record-breaking golf tournament, as befitted the tournament's 25th Anniversary! We donated $150,000 to our beneficiary, the Women's Health Services Department, including the Maternity & Infant observation Unit. We have also truly begun to reap the benefits of our new partnership with Faber International at the Auxiliary Store. In addition to our Golf Tournament proceeds and earnings from our partnership with Au Bon Pain, the increased store revenue allowed us to fund more than $225,000 in Fall projects, setting another record.

Another highlight of the year was our pledge of $2 million to the lead phase of the Hartford Hospital Capital Campaign. We are thrilled to be one of the early supporters of the multiphase master facilities plan, anchored by the Bone & Joint Institute.

Once again, we celebrated a promotion of one of our biggest supporters - and favorite people - as Bimal Patel was promoted to the new position of Vice president for Operational Integration for Hartford HealthCare. We continue to benefit from his guidance, as well as from the leadership of Stuart Markowitz, MD, President, Hartford Hospital and Hartford Region and Senior Vice president, Hartford HealthCare. And we continue to marvel at the world-class care that Hartford Hospital provides to our region. It is a privilege to serve such an amazing organization.

We wish you all a happy and healthy year! Please remember that each and every purchase you make at the Auxiliary Gift Shop and Au Bon Pain Cafe directly benefits the Auxiliary's budget for Good Works for Hartford Hospital. We truly appreciate your continued support.


Linda Atkins and Amy Steinberg
Hartford Hospital Auxiliary Co-Presidents


Founded in 1921, the Hartford Hospital Auxiliary started its rich history by making bandages, clothing and other items needed by the hospital. During WWII many auxiliary members volunteered their time as nurse’s aides. This allowed the administration to keep open an additional third of the hospital.

Fast forward to today - our self-governing organization provides services to all aspects of Hartford Hospital. We report to the Hospital's administration and work along side the hospital staff to provide volunteers and monetary support. The funds raised through our events support necessary equipment and training that ultimately help provide the best patient care. Additionally our efforts fund scholarships for volunteers, employees and their children and many other annual commitments. If this sound like the type of organization you would like to explore. Join Us!


Au Bon Pain CafeAu Bon Pain Café

The Auxiliary continues to enjoy its relationship with Au Bon Pain Café.

Located in the main lobby of Hartford Hospital, the café has been very well received by the hospital community and its guests. In addition to offering freshly prepared sandwiches, salads and desserts on site, the café extends its services to catering breakfast, lunch and snack options for hospital meetings and group gatherings.

All Au Bon Pain purchases benefit the Hartford Hospital community, as all fees the Auxiliary receives from Au Bon Pain go into the funds the Auxiliary uses to support important hospital projects.

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday, 6 am to midnight
Saturday & Sunday, 6 am to 9 pm

The Auxiliary StoreThe Auxiliary Store

Since the Hartford Hospital Auxiliary launched the new and improved Auxiliary Store professionally managed by Faber in 2013, our Retail Operations chairs have continued to coordinate with Faber in an effort to ensure that the variety, selection and quality of merchandise offered meets the needs and expectations of the Hartford Hospital community, its visitors and guests.

The Auxiliary also collaborates with Faber when holding membership events at the store and arranging children’s book sales to support book donations to the Read to Grow program.

Every sale in the store results in a direct investment in Hartford Hospital through proceeds the Auxiliary receives and applies to funding requests for unique, innovative and necessary projects.

Contact the Auxiliary Store:


Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday, 8 am to 8 pm
Saturday & Sunday, 10 am to 6 pm
Learn more about The Auxiliary Store.


Officers (2016-17)

Co-Presidents: Linda Atkins and Amy Steinberg
VP Projects: Jennifer Wedeles
Recording Secretary: Gretchen Haimes
Corresponding Secretary: Jane Robinson 
Treasurer: Shelley Dodd
Assistant Treasurer: Allison Keating
Golf Tournament Liaison and Ex-Officio: Lori Flaks
Immediate Past President & Nominating: Virginia Van Dyk

Members Ex-Officios

Stuart Markowitz, MD
President, Hartford Hospital
Senior Vice President Hartford HealthCare

Carol Garlick, CFRE
Vice President, Philanthropy
Hartford Hospital

Committee Chairpersons (2016-17)

Annual Meeting: Jane DiBattista, Kate Flanders
Archivist: Erin Healer
Bulletin: Kimberly Conrad
Bylaws: Christine Collins
Employee Holiday Party: Kathy Herzog
Golf Tournament Chairs: Lori Flaks, Amy Steinberg
Golf Tournament Auction/Raffle: Patti Maciag, Virginia Van Dyk
Golf Tournament Volunteer Coordinators: Robin Kriesberg, Falguni Patel
Hospital Liaisons: Gina Chamberland, Erin Healer, Susanne Yeakel
Membership: Kim Shea, Val Sorensen
Plant Sale: Hilary Allen, Patti Maciag
Read to Grow: Ginger Gillespie, Cornelia Hull
Rx for Fun Annual Event: Christine Bennett, Lynn Robinson
Website: Elisabeth de’Ath

Membership News

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  • Annual Meeting, May 2016

    July 19, 2016 | By Elisabeth de'Ath

    With over 75 supporters in attendance, the Hartford Hospital Auxiliary wrapped up a hugely successful 2015-2016 year with its Annual Breakfast Meeting at the Hartford Golf Club on May 10th.

  • Spring Rx for Fun Event

    July 19, 2016 | By Elisabeth de'Ath

    Each Spring the Auxiliary sponsors Rx for Fun, which is designed to bring Auxiliary members and friends together for a fun event while raising money and awareness for a particular project or department at Hartford Hospital.

  • Changing of the Guard

    March 30, 2016

    Nominated for election at the 2016 Hartford Hospital Auxiliary Annual Meeting, Amy Steinberg will join continuing Co-President Linda Atkins as the Co-President of the Auxiliary.

  • February 2016 Update

    March 01, 2016

    Auxiliary Membership continues to stay strong thanks to the support of Annual Renewal and life time membership. Over half of our membership consists of lifetime members!

  • 2015 Hartford Hospital Auxiliary Poinsettia Sale

    December 24, 2015

    The poinsettia sale was another great success for the Auxiliary this year, and brought great joy and excitement to the Main Lobby of Hartford Hospital on the morning of December 4th.

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Auxiliary Membership

  • Fees

    Hospital Employee: $10
    Hospital Volunteers: $10
    Seniors (65+): $10
    General Member: $25
    Patron: $50
    Benefactor: $100
    Life Member: $250

  • Mailing Address

    Checks made to the order of Hartford Hospital Auxiliary, should be sent to:

    Hartford Hospital Auxiliary
    80 Seymour Street
    P.O. Box 5037
    Hartford, CT 06102-5037
    ATTN: Membership

27th Annual Auxiliary Golf Tournament