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‘Mission Control’ with a Clear Mission: Serving Patients Whenever and Wherever Needed

December 18, 2017

Take a look behind the scenes at how new technology can make your health even better: a state-of-the-art, centralized mission control for all of Hartford HealthCare.

It is called the Care Logistics Center and is located in Newington, Connecticut.

It works like a NASA mission control center, handling questions about bed availability and patient movement across Hartford HealthCare facilities. The idea is to get every patient to the right place for the right care at the right time – and with the right team.

“It allows us to match the patients’ needs with where we can best provide the care,” said Dr. Rocco Orlando, Hartford HealthCare Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer. “We have a partnership with GE Health that really brings all of the information together. All of Hartford HealthCare is on a single, electronic health record so that all of the information through that electronic health record is available in this command center. Allowing us to coordinate care, and in a matter of moments to figure out where that patient needs to be and how we’re going get them there as quick as possible.”

“It brings together all of our clinical care in one place,” said Robert Flade, RN, MS, Hartford HealthCare Central Region Emergency Services Director.  “Now at our fingertips, displayed digitally on a screen, we know all of this information.”

The Care Logistics Center is “mission control” with a clear-cut mission: to better serve patients each and every day, wherever and whenever health care is needed.

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