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When Older Relatives and Friends Need Help at Home

December 21, 2017

The holidays are a time when families get together. Adult children return to their childhood homes, and see that their family member – especially their parents – needing more help than ever just to stay in their homes. But what resources are available locally? 

Karen Pagliaro is the Director of Government Relations at Hartford HealthCare at Home.

Q: What can we do for our parents who still want to live on their own? 

A: Knowledge is key! Most people want to live their lives in the comfort of their own homes.  Knowing this, we have to be able to support them by providing services that can enhance life.  It can be as simple as someone to help with cleaning, errands, bathing or meals.  There are many companies who provide these services but you need to make an informed decision prior to bringing someone into your home.  If your family member has had a medical set-back, getting home health care makes a big difference.  This care which is ordered by a physician is typically covered by most insurance plans.

Q: How do you come up with a custom plan? 

A: Whenever you want care for a family member, you want to ensure that the care is driven by the needs of the patient. Care should be individualized, inspired by goals that the individual wants to accomplish and goals should be realistic.  A good custom plan would look at the person as a whole – would take into account their medical needs and their needs related to activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing and meals.

Q: What if you’re not sure if your mom or dad needs help?

A: There are many options to assist a family when you are not sure what type of care is needed by your parents. First there is the Center for Healthy Aging which can provide free resources and assessments to help determine your parent’s needs.  The goal is always to enhance a person’s life and help them to remain safely in their home.

Care Transitions can also assist by having a nurse make a home visit to assess your parent’s home, make recommendations and referrals for care again with the intent of keeping your parent safe in their home

For a free in-home assessment, call 1.800.HOMECARE (1.800.466.3227)