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Where Men’s Health Meets Mental Health at Tallwood in Farmington

November 18, 2019

Getting men to talk about their mental health isn’t always easy. Dr. Ila Sabino is a psychologist at the Hartford HealthCare Tallwood Men’s Health Center in Farmington, where men can have their overall health needs addressed at the comfort level they need.

Q: The Tallwood Men’s Health Center in Farmington addresses all of men’s healthcare needs, including primary care, cardiology, urology, heart & vascular and mental health. Does having a mental health clinician such as yourself located here make a significant difference? 

A: I absolutely believe that it does. We know that men are very reluctant to access mental health treatment, and seeing me there in the office with all their other doctors can really help them feel more comfortable coming to see me.

Q: When it comes to men’s health and mental health, what is the trend that you’re seeing amongst men?

A: I’m seeing a lot of sexual health concerns like erectile dysfunction and infertility issues. I’m also seeing a lot of depression and anxiety. Men are also being referred to me to discuss smoking cessation and substance abuse, as well as adjustment to medical conditions like prostate cancer. So I’m seeing a lot of different things in my practice.

Q: What is the course of treatment for these issues?

A: I like to take an evidence-based approach to treatment, and cognitive-behavioral therapy is something that I use a lot. I’m interested in helping men modify some of their thoughts and behaviors to make them healthier and more conducive to overall wellness.

Q: Is it a surprise to men to learn that they could have these other issues when they’re coming in for something like erectile dysfunction? 

A: Absolutely, and we really want to emphasize that mind-body connection, and we know that medical health can affect mental health, and mental health can affect physical health. So it’s good that I’m there.

To make an appointment at the Tallwood Men’s Health Center in Farmington, please call 860.678.5700, or click here.