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Testimonial: From Sailing to Leg Fracture to Surgery at Bone & Joint

September 04, 2020

Dolores Grenier, a corporator and supporter of Hartford Hospital, recently had surgery at the Bone & Joint Institute. She says she was impressed by Dr. Michael Miranda, Physician Assistant Jason Pinho and everyone she met during her visit, making note of the compassionate and unhurried manner with which her surgery was explained.

She shared her experience in a note to the hospital:

I want to share some thoughts on my experience as a patient at the Bone & Joint Institute a few weeks ago. After a beautiful day of sailing, my husband Tom rowed me from the boat to the shore in a kayak. I climbed out just fine but a wave pushed the kayak against my back legs and knocked me onto the beach. Another wave came along and lifted the kayak (with Tom still in it) onto the beach and it landed on my leg.

A trip to the local hospital ED in Rhode Island revealed a fracture. This happened on a Saturday and on Monday morning I was in Dr. Miranda’s office for an evaluation. He said I fractured the tibial plateau and I had surgery on that Friday, Aug. 7. I spent two nights in the hospital.

During the entire experience, from Dr. Miranda’s office to the hospital discharge, I couldn’t help but think about the hospital’s core values being displayed. From the valet attendant offering to fix Tom’s flat tire (it occurred after exiting Route 2) to Dr. Miranda’s office calling a taxi for me to go to Jefferson Radiology for a CT scan following his visit to many more examples of people scrambling to make appointments to get me ready in four days for the surgery. I could list many more, as well.

The nursing staff demonstrated the values as well. Responses to inquiries were immediately answered (no chasing down a nurse!), hand washing protocols were witnessed, and an accidental push by me on the alert button had two nurses immediately come into the room. Staff was attentive to my needs and always pleasant.

As a ‘guest,’ the accommodations were great. The food exceeded my expectations — good variety and prepared in a healthy way. The meals arrived in a timely manner after ordering.

Presently, I am starting PT at BJI. It’s ironic that I went on a hard-hat tour, opening tour, and now used it as a patient. I’ve been using the rehab program since 2018 for various issues and also was using the ‘Bridge the Gap’ program until COVID caused a shutdown in March.

My stay at Hartford Hospital (BJI) made it intergenerational: My father, myself, and my daughter were treated by this healthcare institution. The hospital is part of my life story.

Sorry for the ramblings, but I wanted to convey as a Corporator that (CEO) Jeff Flaks’ vision for the hospital was witnessed in small part by me.

I look forward to the day when we can meet face to face again!

Best of health,

Dolores Grenier

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