Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute | Digital Mobile Mammography

Through Hartford Hospital’s digital mobile mammography program, called Take the Time, women who live in the Greater Hartford area have improved access to breast cancer screenings.

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Take the Time is operated by the Partnership for Breast Care (PBC), Hartford Hospital’s comprehensive resource for breast cancer, and the Hartford Hospital’s Imaging Center/Radiology. Hartford Hospital’s Digital Mobile Mammography Program is the only program of its kind serving areas in central and northern Connecticut.

Take The Time furnishes the same high-quality mammograms as those available at imaging centers. On-site services include screening mammograms, breast health education, and educational materials. Each mammogram is read by a board-certified radiologist at Hartford Hospital and is analyzed using Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD). Digital mobile mammography screenings take less than 15 minutes and are conducted in a private and comfortable location for the patients.

Hartford Hospital’s Take the Time program began in 2005 and has been a vital resource to the community. Thousands of women throughout the Greater Hartford area have benefited from life-saving mammography screenings in convenient community locations including clinics, churches, senior centers, places of employment and other locations where the women will feel comfortable.

Take the Time makes it easier for women to have a screening mammogram - the best tool for identifying breast cancer in its earliest stages. The program reaches out to women who would otherwise not have access to mammography services including women without insurance coverage.