Hearing & Balance Centers

The Hearing & Balance Center at Hartford Hospital, directed by neurotologist, Marc D. Eisen, MD., has at its disposal all of the resources of Hartford Hospital and Connecticut Ear, Nose & Throat Associates.

This includes expert audiology, balance-testing and physical therapy as well as access to other medical specialties such as neurology and neurosurgery, if necessary.

The center provides inner-ear balance testing and provides access to physical therapy, which can help treat a number of related balance problems. Physical therapy is provided by Eastern Rehabilitation Network, the region's premiere physical therapy group.

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Balance Disorders

Here are the most common causes of balance problems and how they are treated.

Balance Testing

Part of the function of the inner ear is to keep the brain informed about how the head is moving and where the head is with respect to gravity.

Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA)

The BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid) can be of tremendous benefit to certain types of hearing loss. 

Cochlear Implant

When hearing loss gets so severe in both ears from nerve damage that conventional hearing aids are unable to offer much benefit to hearing, you may be a candidate for the cochlear implant.

Conventional Hearing Aids

Conventional hearing aids are electronic devices that process and amplify sounds. They are custom-fashioned to fit either in the ear canal alone or with part of the device worn behind the ear. 


The Dizziness Clinic benefits patients in many ways.

Hearing Loss

When the ear is not working properly, sound information has a tougher time getting to the brain. This is hearing loss.

Hearing Testing

In order to determine the type and degree of hearing loss, a hearing test done by an audiologist needs to be done.

Patient Information & Forms

Post-Operation instructions and new patient forms can be found here.

Patient Support

The following information may be helpful to patients having a surgical procedure with the Hearing & Balance Center.

Hearing & Balance Center