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Hartford Hospital’s Eye Surgery Center was first in New England to use innovative laser technology to perform cataract surgery with unprecedented precision – and without a scalpel.

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The LenSx® Laser's sophisticated capabilities allow surgeons to use three-dimensional imaging to customize surgery to each patient’s unique eyes.

The Program

The Day of Your Appointment
We want your visit to the Eye Surgery Center to be as pleasant as possible! You should plan on spending two to four hours at the center after your arrival. Please wear comfortable clothing. (We recommend a short sleeve buttoned shirt with pants (or skirt) and comfortable shoes.) You will be given a protective gown to wear over your clothes. It will not be necessary for patients to remove jewelry, dentures or hearing aides.

On the day of your surgery do not eat or drink anything 8 hours prior to your scheduled surgery time. Upon the completion of your surgery, you will be offered a snack and a beverage.

Please consult your physician about taking any medications on the day of your surgery.

Your Physician
Your surgery will be performed by your personal ophthalmologist and all other follow up visits will be conducted at his or her office.

The ophthalmologists at the Eye Surgery Center have carefully selected their anesthesia team in order to provide their patients with the highest quality of care. Local anesthesia will be administered by an Anesthesiologist specializing in ophthalmic anesthesia.

Our entire staff has been carefully selected and specially trained by the physicians at the center. Our Registered Nurses and Certified Surgical Technicians have many years of experience at the local hospitals and they are totally committed to providing the best patient care possible.

We encourage you to be driven to the Eye Surgery Center by a relative or a friend. However, if you do not have anyone to drive you to the center, we can provide transportation service for a nominal fee. One of our drivers will pick you up at your home and bring you to the center for your appointment. After your surgery, you will be returned to you home. If you need transportation, please let your ophthalmologist know when you schedule your surgery.

Billing and Payment
You can expect the cost of your surgery to be significantly less than if it were performed at a local hospital. The Eye Surgery Center accepts assignment from Medicare and is a participating provider with most health plans. Any insurance and transportation co-payments will be collected upon admission. Please call your insurance company to verify what your out of pocket expense for out patient surgery will be. The center accepts cash, check and all major credit cards.

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