About Us

Food4Health child photoOur Mission: 
To ensure equitable access for staff and patients to healthy food to drive health and healing and improve health outcomes for all. 

Our Vision: 
To become a Hartford area provider and leader for nutrition security for the people of Hartford, connected directly to clinical relationships with patients. The food will be tailored specifically to patient needs and diagnosis, with biometric impacts tracked. The programs will be developed to be sustainable and focus on collaboration and education while maintaining the mission, vision and values of Hartford HealthCare.

Who can use the Food4Health Clinic?

All patients must be referred to the Food4Health Clinic.

Patients can be prescribed weekly visits for three or six months – or a single visit to try it out. The goal is for patients to have consistent communication with their clinical team. The clinical team will provide a suggested shopping list in English and Spanish for patients to use as they shop.

How does it work?

  • Once a patient has been identified and meets the set criteria, a clinician enters all information to refer the patient.
  • The patient will be given a Food4Health brochure, which contains all of the relevant information the patient needs.
  • When the patient arrives at the clinic, colleagues will meet with the patient to discuss diagnosis, F4H clinic layout and process.
  • Colleagues will give dietary input and hand the patient the suggested shopping list from the clinical staff.
  • The patient shops and the F4H staff record all food items taken for future communication back to the clinical team.
  • Information is communicated back to clinical staff at the end of each month about the patient's visits and the food chosen.

Download the Food4Health brochure

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