Bliss Wing at Hartford Hospital

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  • B6 Childbirth Center

    We deliver approximately 4,000 babies here each year. Chances are if you’re a native to Connecticut, you were probably born here as well. We’ve been delivering babies for the last 150 years.

  • B5 General Medicine

    Our general medicine units provide care to medically complex patients with chronic and acute medical conditions. Each of the medical units specializes in specific areas of medicine, but all of the units generally care for any acutely ill medical patient.

  • B8 General Surgery

    Bliss 8 (B8) is a 42-bed, General Surgical, Urology-Surgery and Plastic Surgery teaching unit. Under the direction of its interdisciplinary Health Care Team, B8 is dedicated to providing quality care for its patients.

  • Bliss Wing

    The Bliss Wing is a section of Hartford Hospital that is accessible from the main building. It's entrance offers an ATM, Auxiliary Store, and Dining Options. Up the elevator is access to the ICU and many other services.

  • B10 Cardiology

    The Henry Low Heart Center is dedicated to the care of the heart in all its complexities. It offers outstanding multi-disciplinary cardiovascular programs designed to provide excellence in treatment, diagnosis and management through the entire spectrum of cardiovascular disease.

  • B2 Imaging Center

    The Imaging Center of Hartford Hospital, Department of Radiology, provides high quality examinations with the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic and interventional technologies in all major imaging areas.

  • B11 Medical Unit

    The Hartford Hospital Medical Division for Nursing includes a Medical Intensive Care Unit, a Medical Step-Down (Intermediate Care) Unit, five General Medicine Units, an Oncology & Palliative Care Unit, and the IV Therapy Team.