North Wing at Hartford Hospital

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  • N9 Neurosurgical

    Patients may be admitted to either the neuro-critical care unit, step-down unit or neurosurgical floor. All units have a team of social workers and nurse clinical care coordinators to care for patients and assist patient families.

  • N8 Women's Health

    We are the Women’s Health Unit of Hartford Hospital dedicated to the specialties of gynecology and high risk obstetrics. We are located in the main building of the hospital on the 8th floor in the North wing

  • N11 & N12 General Medicine

    Our general medicine units provide care to medically complex patients with chronic and acute medical conditions. Each of the medical units specializes in specific areas of medicine, but all of the units generally care for any acutely ill medical patient.

  • N6 Labor & Delivery

    We deliver approximately 4,000 babies here each year. Chances are if you’re a native to Connecticut, you were probably born here as well. We’ve been delivering babies for the last 150 years.