Women's Health Ambulatory Center

At the Women's Ambulatory Health Services we offer many services designed to keep you healthy at any age or stage of your life.

Since our mission is to provide excellent care and be responsive to our community’s needs, we offer informed and dignified care for all our patients, regardless of their ability to pay.

Women’s Ambulatory Health Services is located at 474 hudson Street, Hartford. Our services include both obstetrical and gynecological care when you need it. Our many educational and support programs help you get the knowledge that allow you to control your health.
We have teams of physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, a nutritionist and social workers all under one roof. These professionals will work with you and help educate you so that you can make good choices.


Centering Pregnancy

A new concept in prenatal care is now being offered at Hartford Hospital's Women’s Ambulatory Health Services. It’s called Centering Pregnancy and it brings expecting moms together for their pregnancy journeys.

At each appointment, expectant moms will spend time with their midwife or doctor and other pregnant women, so they can learn more about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.

Also in This Section:

  • Family Planning Clinic

    The Family Planning Clinic at the women’s ambulatory health center offers safe, confidential and comprehensive care for women who seek treatment of miscarriage, birth control and pregnancy options counseling. We specialize in innovative contraceptive techniques and in providing these services to medically high risk patients.

Women's Ambulatory Health Services