Visiting Hours

Due to COVID-19, visitor safety guidelines are in place at all Hartford HealthCare locations.

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At Hartford Hospital we recognize the importance of support from family, loved ones and friends in a patient’s recovery process.

However, patient care is our primary concern at Hartford Hospital, and, in order to enhance the quality of care, specific visiting hours have been established for each area. While we have routine visiting hours, our staff will work with you to accommodate your visitors.

Visiting by Department:

General & Continuing Care

Time: Generally, visiting hours are Noon to 8 p.m. Please check with the patient's unit to verify these hours.

An adult, other than the patient, is responsible for supervising and being with a visitor under the age of 16 at all times. Please check with the patient's unit to understand if there are any restrictions on children visiting.

Visitor passes are required for all guests/visitors who do not display an employee badge. Passes are provided at each main entrance of the hospital - please be ready to provide a valid form of identification.

Individuals with respiratory infections or any other contagious condition are asked not to visit patients in the hospital.

Psychiatry (The Institute of Living)

Weekdays: 6 to 8 p.m.
Weekends & Holidays: 1 to 4 p.m. & 6 to 8 p.m. *

Individual units have different hours. Please view the Institute of Living Patient Health Care Guide & Journal for a complete list of visiting hours at each unit.


Hartford Hospital truly values your patient experience and wants you to be aware of our visiting and parking guidelines.

Unlimited (fathers, grandparents and siblings have unlimited visiting hours)
Noon - 8 p.m. (family and friends **)
Special arrangements can be made through the charge nurse

Labor & Delivery

  1. Three support people will be selected and all will wear pink visitor identification bracelets.
    Support people must be over age 16 and must remain in your room to ensure the privacy of other patients. Your support people may go to the Family Lounge when appropriate, such as during exams or procedures.
  2. Following delivery, siblings of your newborn may visit for a short period. Other children may not visit in Labor & Delivery.
    In the event of a Cesarean section performed under a regional anesthetic, one support person may accompany you into the operating room and recovery room. Your remaining support people will be asked to wait in the Family Lounge.
  3. If you are a high-risk pregnancy patient, you may have two visitors at a time between 12 and 8 PM. Siblings of your baby may visit under the supervision of a designated family member. Visiting on the Maternity Unit may begin following the completion of the newborn’s in-room admission.

Maternity/North 8

  1. Husband/Significant other, grandparents, and infant siblings can visit at any time after admission to Maternity/N8. For late visits after day of delivery, patient must notify nursing staff so visitor is expected and infant safety and security can be maintained.
    All other family members and children may visit from 12 PM to 8 PM only.
  2. An adult, other than the patient, is responsible for supervising children who are visiting and must not leave them alone in the patient’s room or waiting areas.
  3. One overnight visitor per room.
  4. No siblings/children under the age of 16 years old are allowed to stay overnight.
    Visiting on Maternity/North 8 may be limited at times to ensure the rest, care and privacy of mom and baby.

Learn more about Maternity Services.

Critical Care Units (ICUs)

  • By direction of the charge nurse
  • We have an open unit with 24-hour a day visitation.
  • Visitation is individualized and flexible for each patient.
  • Each patient’s family collaborates with the nursing team to develop an appropriate visitation plan, according to the individual needs of the patient and their family.
  • Each visitation plan may vary from patient to patient and from day to day based on the changing needs of the patient.
  • Please note that the nurse will notify you of times that you may need to leave the bedside to allow for procedures to be carried out.
  • Children 12 and older may visit.

If you have questions about visiting hours, please inquire at the nurse’s station.

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* Observed holidays are New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

** Individuals with respiratory infections or a contagious condition should not visit patients in the hospital.