For Patients | Inpatient Surgery Admission Instructions

Your surgeon has scheduled you for Inpatient Surgery at Hartford Hospital.

To assist in preparing for this procedure and to make your stay as comfortable as possible, we ask you to read these instructions and use this page to write in the time of your surgery and any other instructions you may receive from the nurse. Please bring it with you and give it to the nurse when you arrive for your surgery.

Confirming Your Surgery Date/Time

Please call the Hartford Hospital Surgery Time Line at (860) 972-3208 between the hours of 1 P.M and 6 P.M. on the day before your surgery to obtain your surgery time, arrival time and to receive any special instructions. If your surgery is scheduled on a Monday or following a holiday that falls on a Monday, you may call during the same hours on the Friday before.

If you are connected to the voice-mail system leave a name and phone number and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Before Your Surgery

  • You will be instructed to go directly to an assigned unit two to three hours prior to your scheduled surgery. This additional time is needed in order to prepare for your procedure and to accommodate any scheduling changes.
  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight before your surgery unless otherwise instructed by your doctor or the nurse.

  • Medications:

    • Please bring a list of any medications that you are taking and include the dosage and the time of day that you take them.
    • On the morning of the day of your surgery take your medicines with a sip of water as instructed by your physician or nurse. If you have not received these instructions please ask the nurse on the Surgery Time Line for information.
    • Be sure to stop taking any herbal or diet products two weeks before your surgery date.
    • Bring only inhalers and eye drops to the hospital.
    • Do not bring any other medications to the hospital unless instructed by the nurse.
  • Do not bring valuables to the hospital such as jewelry, credit cards, checkbooks, money, radios etc.
  • Shower with antibacterial soap if instructed to do so.

Upon Arrival

  • You will be asked to report to Center 8 on the day of surgery. Do not go to Admitting unless instructed to do so by the nurse.
  • Parking is available in the valet area in front of the main entrance of the hospital. Bring the ticket in with you to be validated. Click here for more information regarding parking.
  • Enter the hospital via the main entrance, go through the lobby to the main elevators. Take the elevator to the 8th and follow the signs to your unit. Stop at the reception desk and announce your arrival to the secretary.

Helpful Phone Numbers

Surgery Time Line:
860.972.3208 (between 1-6 P.M.)

Center 8:
860.972.2578 (closes at 10 P.M.)