Demonstration Teaching Kitchen

The goal of the Demonstration Kitchen is to provide individuals with the opportunity to engage in hands-on education in the state-of-the art demonstration kitchen.

The overall objective is to teach culinary skills so they can make practical dietary changes to improve their health and transfer these newly acquired skills to their home kitchen.

BJI Demonstration KitchenBJI Demonstration Kitchen

We focus on helping participants define their unique definition of “healthy eating” and develop their cooking skills. The Demonstration Kitchen will also teach healthful cooking techniques to medical students, residents, doctors and members of the community and provide programming about the significant role food plays in preventing and managing obesity and associated diseases. Nutrition research will also take place in this unique space.

Benefits include:

  • Improve surgical recovery
  • Optimize nutrition pre, intra-, and post sporting activities
  • Anti- inflammatory nutrition
  • Promote mindful eating
  • Mood improvement through food

Reduce your risk(s) of:

  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Depression

How it works:

During the various demonstration kitchen classes, you will perform hands-on training alongside an accomplished Chef and other culinary learners. An overview of the objectives of the specific course being taken along with recipes will be shared including current peer-reviewed articles related to the topic as appropriate. All of the items you need will be available in the kitchen including kitchenware, aprons and all food items. Our cooking courses are for all experience levels unless otherwise noted.

Take the first step in learning more about how food is medicine and all of the great benefits to your body by exploring classes being offered at Demonstration Kitchen. Call 860.972.5945 for upcoming classes.

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