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Note: As of 1/1/2024 the Alumnae Association will no longer accept new members. Here's why.

Alumnae Medical Fund​

The Alumnae Medical Fund, which was previously held and administered by Hartford Hospital, is now under the control of the Alumnae Association. The fund was transferred from Hartford Hospital to the Alumnae Association and is now invested and managed by Morgan Stanley Financial Planners. This positive change increases the scope of the Medical Fund as it now can be used in any health care facility.

  • The Medical Fund coverage includes: hospital, doctors, prescriptions, dental, therapy, special equipment, optical/glasses, etc.
  • All members of the Alumnae Association are eligible to use the Medical Fund. To apply please notify Terry Gwozdz, Vice Treasurer at 860.257.3171 or Pat Ciarcia, Executive Director of Alumnae Affairs at 860.563.2005.

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