Ethics Consultation Service

Hartford Hospital established its Ethics Committee in 1982, one of the first hospitals in the state to do so. Its mission is threefold:

  • To serve as a resource for families, patients, hospital staff and physicians in addressing the often difficult medical-ethical issues in health care
  • To provide education of committee members and hospital staff in such areas as end-of-life decision making, advance directives, and related medical-ethical issues; and
  • To assist the hospital and medical staff in formulating policy statements and guidelines involving ethical issues in health care. Physicians, staff, patients and families may request ethics committee consultation.

The committee consists of 24 members drawn from varied disciplines on the medical staff as well as individuals representing nursing, social services, spiritual care and the community. It meets monthly and as necessary to assist with specific requests.

The Ethics Consultation Service attempts to clarify and resolve ethical dilemmas arising in the course of patient care. Every attempt is made to balance the patient's interests in autonomy and well-being with the strictures of good medicine and the professional roles of health care workers.

Any employee or patient (or their family member or representative) of Hartford Hospital may contact the Ethics Consultation Service or the Ethics Committee for a formal or informal consultation. 

Ethics Consultation Service Contacts

  • Director of the Ethics Consultation Service



  • Medical Staff Office

  • Chairperson of the Ethics Committee