Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster

Medical studies show that people who prepare for an operation have less pain, fewer complications and recover sooner. 

Using Peggy Huddleston’s 5 steps to prepare for surgery, people feel calmer before surgery, visualize a positive recovery, and establish supportive doctor-patient relationships.  After surgery they have less pain; use less pain medication; and heal faster.

The program, which consists of Peggy Huddleston’s book, Prepare for Surgery, Heal FasterTM, and a companion relaxation CD/mp3, helps patients become a more active participant in their healing process. 

Prepare for Surgery, Heal FasterTM, allows individuals to start the healing process by decreasing anxiety and developing more positive attitude before, during and after surgery.  It takes into account the whole person - body, mind and spirit. It expedites the healing process by decreasing the use of pain medications and increasing mobility. This translates into a quicker recover for our patients.

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