Critical Care | Family Visitation

We have an open unit with 24-hour a day visitation.

Critical Care Family VisitationVisitation is individualized and flexible for each patient.

Each patient’s family collaborates with the nursing team to develop an appropriate visitation plan, according to the individual needs of the patient and their family.

Each visitation plan may vary from patient to patient and from day to day based on the changing needs of the patient.

Please note that the nurse will notify you of times that you may need to leave the bedside to allow for procedures to be carried out.

Children 12 and older may visit. To learn about a service we offer, view the PDF document, "Facilitating Hospital Visits for Children & Adolescents."

Critical Care

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We want every stay at Hartford Hospital to be as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Our health care team is dedicated to anticipating and exceeding the needs of patients and families.

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