For Patients | Color-Coded Uniforms

In order to create clarity of roles for patients and families as well as enhancing and standardizing how we look, we have implemented a color-coded uniform policy at Hartford Hospital.

Care Giver IdentifierThe color-coded uniforms help make clear who does what in our clinical areas. A safe and satisfying patient experience depends on clear communication with staff, and patients and their families need to be able to easily identify staff members and their roles. They may be confused by a sea of multicolored scrubs and an array of white lab coats. Multiple studies show that employee appearance affects patient satisfaction, and that patients are often unable to identify their caregivers’ roles because of inconsistent dress.

The caregiver identification program, with different assigned uniform colors for nurses, PCAs, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, and so on, is designed to maintain an atmosphere conducive to the delivery of quality health care services and commitment to safety. Only doctors will be wearing white lab coats so they will be easy for patients to identify.
Patients are given cards that identify each care giver and the color they will be wearing. See below for the six different uniform colors our clinical staff wear, or download the guide to color-coded uniforms.

Care Giver Identifier

Registered Nurse (RN)

Care Giver Identifier


Examples Include: Patient Care Assistant, Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant, Radiology Technician

Care Giver Identifier

Respiratory Therapist
Care Giver Identifier

Care Giver Identifier


Examples include: MRI Technologist, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Radiation Therapist, Mammography Technologist, CAT Scan Technologist, UltraSonographer, Dental Hygienist

Care Giver Identifier


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